Fau G – Is it really INDIA’s answer to Pub G

The most hyped made-in-India game, FAU G(Fearless and United-Guards), developed by nCore games was launched on January 26, India’s Republic Day. The game is available only on Google Play Store with over 5 million downloads.


FAU G portrays the life of an Indian Soldier and how the “faujis” are fighting for us on the border. The game is set in the Galwan Valley, Ladakh, and is based on the former dispute between Indian and Chinese soldiers.


FAU G features hand-to-hand combat owing to bilateral agreements formed in 1996 that prevent Indian or Chinese troops from using firearms within two kilometers from the line of actual control.

The combat is actually tedious and monotonous. The game is a linear narrative where the player has to travel from checkpoint to checkpoint dealing with the enemies coming his way. Further, controls are simple hack and slash, with an only punch and defense buttons and no options for crouch, sprint, and jump. The action moves are repeated like a roundhouse kick after a set of punch combos. There is no counter option but a block button which is of no use. At first, the enemies will attack one by one depicted by a red outline on the enemy closer to the protagonist. As the game progresses the combat opens up, bringing handheld weapons like axes and pitchforks.

Watch 1st 15 mins of Fau G below

FAU G only allows players to heal when they sit near a bonfire and, in doing so, accelerates the time allocated to finish a mission. As of now, the game features only the campaign mode. Also, the battle royale and deathmatch modes are still on cards and will drop soon.


FAU G consists of a patriotic theme song and some powerful witty dialogues like, “Apne bhaiyon ko bachana mera farz hai, aur unhe pakadne valon ko maarna, maza!“. These dialogues, although nicely written, feel useless at times.


The graphics of the game is surprisingly good. FAU G has done a good job by adding fair graphics to the game which is less than half of a gigabyte. The weapons look good with their own names like ‘Lalkaar’and ‘Tandav’. Although the game looks like a game engine, the graphics will surely improve with updates. FAU G also shows cutscenes that are animated and do not connect to the story.


The hack and slash gameplay of FAU G is probably due to a single punch button and a block button that absorbs the blows from enemies and does not counter them. It has a single joystick on the left side to move the player and navigate through various checkpoints.No gunplay has been added yet but is expected in the future.

Our Final Thoughts

After Raji, a made-in-India game, expectations were high from FAU G but it couldn’t meet the over-hyped expectations. Some positives from the game come in the form of data privacy where the developers do not share any data outside India. FAU G also features an in-game store where the users can buy merchandise and contribute to the Indian Soldiers. We feel that the game is still in an unfinished state and needs a lot of improvement and will be a lot more enjoyable as soon as the multiplayer drops in.

Our rating for FAU G is 5/10

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